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Master Sculptors of Zimbabwe 2006
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"Master Sculptors of Zimbabwe"

3 May - 24 June 2007
Sculpture, works of applied art, photography

More than 17 sculptors exhibit 46 works of art made from natural stone: springstone, verdite, opal and others.

These works are characterised by a unique technique of performance, high professionalism, a variety of styles and a harmonic approach to the material - the artists free the images from the stone, which have been put there by the nature itself.

The exposition is accompanied by original African music. Photographs depicting different views of Zimbabwe, portraits of sculptors and stories told by guides from this country will immerse you in the enthralling world of the unusual art.

You can download the catalogue of the exhibition (1,69 Mb, PDF)

Coleen Madamombe. Playing With My Mom
Ephraim Chaurika. Bigger Proud Horse

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