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Gallery of antique things "Old chest"

A fashionable lady's hat, an old gramophone, a briefcase, pictures, books, porcelain, and dolls on the windowsill are useless antique things. One can take in his hands an old album with photographs and plunge into the warmth of childhood. A slight recollection is enough for travelling to begin: what was the way to dress oneself, what was fashionable, how usual hairstyle looked like and so on. It is in the routine everyday life where tastes and habits and understanding of beauty are revealed.

Having a special attractiveness, old things reflect the taste of generations and create certain atmosphere, change mood and decorate life.

We gave our gallery the name "Old chest". One can pull marvellous antique things and objects out of it, and touch the forgotten works of art.

Exhibitions of photography, old postcards and works of graphic art take place in the gallery.

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