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Exhibition "Around Lake Baikal"
Alexander Samsonov

4-21 December, 2008
Art photography

About and around Lake Baikal

Everybody might have heard about the majestic beauty of Lake Baikal, but not everybody has had the luck to feel its might and to look at its unique beauty with his or her own eyes, and not all the painters and photographers have managed to reproduce even a bit of this astonishing creation of the Almighty nature.

In my opinion, Alexander Samsonov coped with this task perfectly well. It is his personal exhibition, and to my mind it is a success. Various photos of his convey the state of nature, its mood and inimitable fascination.

If you have never visited Lake Baikal, you can get an impression of it looking at these photos. They not only contain information, but also give you a great aesthetic satisfaction.

Rudolf Kostousov, Member of Union of photoartists of Russia

translated by Lyubov Kuzmina

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