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Exhibition “Coctail”
Artists from Moscow, New-York and Berlin

7-71 February, 2008
Painting, art installations, floristic collage

Art groups “Across the Bridge” (New-York) and “Werketage” (Berlin) are exchanging their cultural experience for several years. They organize exhibitions in their cities and invite each other to participate in them. As a rule such exhibitions are dedicated to a certain theme, for example, “Objects of comfort” (Werketage, Berlin, 2005) and “Threading Trends” (Galeria Galou, New-York, 2006). Each author prepares for such an exhibition a special work of art. Visitors have an opportunity to compare conceptual peculiarities and views on modern art of artists from different countries. Artists of different nationalities unite their efforts and create a complete picture of modern art.

This year an art group from Moscow was invited to take part in such exhibitions in the context of cultural exchange. Art works have been created with a help of variety of techniques and means. Besides painting, collage and graphic arts the three groups are going to exhibit photography, sculpture, art installations and objects. They represent contemporary art.

The main exhibit is a large table standing in the middle of the hall. It is no coincidence that it has appeared in the exposition. Table has always symbolized a place where people can meet, talk, have a rest and share their opinions.

We invite you to visit Art gallery “Na Kashirke” and to see the art of painters from Moscow, Berlin and New-York. The exhibition is open from 7th to 17th February 2008.

Iris Hauptmann (Berlin)
"Memory transit", 2007

Denise Sheila Puri und Klaus Bortoluzzi (Berlin)
Untitled, 2007

Marc Sylvester (New York)
"Processed II", 2007

Annette Stieger (Berlin)
"Buds", 2006

Pedro Cruz-Castro (New York)
"Corn Teeth", 2007

Kathrin Schittkowski (Berlin)
"Sacrum & Profanum", 2007 (I. Die Schauspieler. II. Der Reigen)

Rudiger Metzler (Berlin)
"Marcel Duchamp didn`t brakes his silence", 2007

Esther Fritzsche (Berlin)
"Reval", 2007

Kay Gordon (New York)
"Goose Woman", 2007

Stevenson Estime (New York)

Flowrian (Berlin)
"Life is a celebration", 2007

Lisa Diener (Berlin)
"Katzengold", 2007

Espartaco Albornoz (New York)

Felix Carl (Berlin)
"Mosi", 2007

Nancy Saleme (New York)
Untitled, 2007

Uli Brahmst (New York)
"Сupcakes II", 2007

Bulentseva Elena

Tamara Trolsch (Berlin)
"Тitbit", 2007

Serena Depero (New York)
"Tid Bits", 2007

Yakovleva Lyubov

Ivanova Olga

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